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Room Sponsorship

What makes for the perfect patient experience?

Private room. Compassionate and expert care. State-of-the-art technology. Comfort.  Fast healing and recovery. Patient control of the blinds and room temperature. Flat screen TV. DVD player. Internet access. Amenities for family members. Beautiful and peaceful surroundings.

And your name on the doorway.

We need your good name for a good cause.

Consider sponsoring a room in Mercy's patient tower. Mercy's commitment to patient excellence is exemplified in the conversion of all hospital rooms to private, single patient rooms. By sponsoring a room, nurses' station, family lounge or staff work room on one of our new floors, you can help bring comfort, compassion, healing, and privacy to patients.

It's an extraordinary way to honor or memorialize a loved one, or express gratitude for a nurse, therapist or physician who provided care.

Sponsorship Levels*

The total cost for the private room renovation project is $30 million.  Sponsorships cover the cost of the furniture, equipment and amenities in the room. There are many different opportunities for sponsorship at different levels from which to choose. And while the sponsorship levels may be different - our deep gratitude for your generosity remains the same.

Entire Floor Sponsorship - $1,000,000
Four Patient Rooms - $20,000
One Patient Room - $5,000
Nurses' Station - $10,000
Staff Break Room - $10,000
Family Lounge - $10,000
Staff Work Room - $10,000
Lobby Art - $5,000
Original corridor Art - $1,000

*Because of the increased level of technology required in the Intensive Care Center (2nd Floor), room sponsorship levels will be higher.


At each level of sponsorship, we will be honored to highlight your contribution with a beautifully engraved wall plaque.  You can choose to honor or memorialize a loved one, a group, or your own family.  The Foundation staff will assist with the appropriate wording.

For a tour of the patient floors or other information, please call the Foundation at (319) 398-6206.