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Courageous Stories 

Thousands of patients, thousands of stories ... each one as personal and unique as the cancer they faced. They all have at least two things in common though, their courageous attitude and the power of The Mercy Touch® at every step.

Breast Cancer Stories

Pauline Mason

Pauline's Story

Pauline Mason was living life – enjoying her job, grown children and grandchildren and looking forward to retirement in a few years. Then she heard the “C” word.

Jerrie Bourgo

Jerrie's Story

Fighting breast cancer alone is one fear patients at Mercy Women’s Center will never have to face. No one knows that better than Jerrie Bourgo, Cedar Rapids.

Brita Loynachan

Brita's Story

Brita Loynachan has the heart and drive of a champion. She's the mother of three and an accomplished triathlete. It's that desire to forge ahead and win that helped her overcome a battle against breast cancer.

Kathie McWhirter

Kathie's Story

Kathie McWhirter considers herself blessed. The warm, friendly Mt. Pleasant woman sees only the silver lining of any cloud on her horizon. Even breast cancer.

Melinda Tomsic

Melinda's Story

When breast cancer survivor Melinda Tomsic completed Thrive, Mercy’s cancer fitness & wellness program, she was eight lbs. lighter and 3" smaller around the waist.

Renee Smith

Renee's Story

For some, adversity transforms, turning pain and loss into compassionate outreach. Renee Smith is such a person.

Rebecca Jacobs

Rebecca's Story

Rebecca Jacobs was pondering champagne choices at the grocery store for a New Year’s Eve party she and her husband would be hosting that night when her doctor called.

Lorraine Irwin

Lorraine's Story

Lorraine Irwin knows how to take care of herself. Since childhood, she's been a responsible, reliable caregiver for her family and, later, her husband.

Lung Cancer Stories

Jodie Bennett

Jodie's Story

Jodie Bennett was dealing with a nasty cough in early 2009. As a nurse and mother of two young children, it was slowing her down. She stopped at a walk-in clinic to get checked out.

Brain Cancer Stories

James Robinson

James's Story

Two to four weeks. That’s how much time James Robinson, 49, Cedar Rapids, was given to live. That was 10 years ago. Today, he’s celebrating a decade of survival.

Glands Cancer Stories

Ted Beuter

Ted's Story

In his woodworking shop, Ted Beuter is familiar with the importance of precision and patience. The final result is always a masterpiece.

Harvey Miller

Harvey's Story

Harvey Miller's pro-active, can-do approach to life has served him well many times, but perhaps none so well as when he faced a cancer diagnosis.

Other Cancer Stories

Father Vern Schueller

Fr. Schueller's Story

Planning to visit the new Hall-Perrine Cancer Center upon its completion, Father Vern Schueller speaks at a recent event about his unexpected encounter ... as a patient.

Courageous Stories

Brita LoynachanBrita's heart and drive of a champion helped her overcome a battle against breast cancer.

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