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Planetree Membership

What is Planetree?

Planetree is a non-profit organization dedicated to personalizing, humanizing and demystifying the healthcare experience for patients and their families. It embodies our common values and beliefs:

  • Focus on human interaction/touch
  • Welcoming, comforting and accessible environment
  • Patient and family access to information
  • Personalized service and choice in their care
  • Art and spirituality in the healing process
  • Incorporation of churches, senior centers and other patient support systems

An Example of Mercy’s Commitment to Patient-Centered Care

Mercy’s long-standing commitment to providing patient-centered care is felt daily through The Mercy Touch®. To underscore this important part of our mission, Mercy has joined Planetree, a network of organizations dedicated to improving the patient experience through dignity, compassion and humanity.

Planetree and Mercy Medical Center believe …

  • that we are human beings, caring for other human beings
  • we are all caregivers
  • care giving is best achieved through kindness and compassion
  • safe, accessible, high-quality care is fundamental to patient-centered care
  • in a holistic approach to meeting people's needs of body, mind and spirit
  • families, friends and loved ones are vital to the healing process
  • access to understandable health information can empower individuals to participate in their healthcare
  • the opportunity for individuals to make personal choices related to their care is essential
  • physical environments can enhance healing, health and well-being
  • illness can be a transformational experience for patients, families and caregivers

As a patient or visitor, you may recognize Planetree more simply as The Mercy Touch. Our membership with Planetree demonstrates the importance our organization places on ensuring that every patient and every guest has a personalized, quality healthcare experience when visiting Mercy. This partnership will allow Mercy to continue enhancing and providing The Mercy Touch for many years to come.

To learn more about Planetree and its patient-centered philosophy, visit