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Our Approach

As Healthcare costs for employers are frequently driven by modifiable lifestyle behaviors of employees - behaviors that Business Health Solutions can help improve. By using a model that focuses on total health management, you can realize both wellness goals for your employees and bottom line goals for your company.

Our Leaders

Our physician-led team partners with yours to create an employee health program that focuses on what matters most to you and your employees.

Meet the Wellness Team

Our wellness team helps you empower employees to take actions that improve their overall health, enhance productivity and reduce healthcare costs.


"The screening was a complete process, easy to do, with good information. Our Wellness Coach ... takes the time to learn about you and help come up with ideas for better health that is customized for you. It's nice to have someone that can help and is willing to spend time with you, even if it just to chat about stresses in your life that could be impacting overall health."