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Hospitalist Program

Mercy Medical Center's hospitalist program is made up of skilled providers committed to providing quality and efficient medical care exclusively to hospitalized patients.

While being treated at Mercy Medical Center, your primary physician may enlist the help of a hospitalist to care for you during your stay. While the hospitalist will be highly engaged in your medical care, your primary physician will be continuously updated on your admission, discharge or any changes in your health during your stay at Mercy.

For more information on Mercy's Hospitalists program, visit Frequently Asked Questions.

Meet Our Hospitalists

Akintunde Akinola, MDAkintunde Akinola, MD Mitil Alam, MDMitil Alam, MD Asma Al Zougbi, MDAsma Al Zougbi, MD

Gordon Baustian, MDGordon Baustian, MD
Chief Hospitalist
Robert Carroll, MDRobert Carroll, MD Jessica Costanzo, DOJessica Costanzo, DO
Maria Doce, MDMaria Doce, MD Frederick Frank, DOFrederick Frank, DO Ali Hamidi, MDAli Hamidi, MD
Lowell Palmer, MDLowell Palmer, MD Samir Patel, MDSamir Patel, MD
Assoc. Chief Hospitalist
Usha Renganathan, MDUsha Renganathan, MD
Matthew Woodham, MDMatthew Woodham, MD Wei Zhang, MDWei Zhang, MD Dong-Mei Zhao, MDDong-Mei Zhao, MD
Melinda Brokaw, ARNPMelinda Brokaw, ARNP Teresa Coker, ARNPTeresa Coker, ARNP Holly Copeland, ARNPHolly Copeland, ARNP
Aimee Foster, ARNPAimee Foster, ARNP Stephanie Hoenig, ARNPStephanie Hoenig, ARNP Shellie O'Brien-Perry, ARNPShellie O'Brien-Perry, ARNP
Sarah Schloss, ARNPSarah Schloss, ARNP

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Mercy Medical Center
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Phone Number:
(319) 861-7803
(319) 861-7798 fax

​Lisa Lafler,
Administrative Coordinator: 
Room 5206
7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.