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Thrive Cancer Fitness & Wellness

Thrive Cancer Fitness & WellnessThrive

Get past just surviving cancer – start thriving! 

Research shows that exercise, nutrition, education and support provide a strong defense in the fight against cancer and its treatment effects.

Mercy designed the Thrive Cancer Fitness and Wellness program to offer these tools to assist cancer patients in their journey from diagnosis through survivorship with the ultimate goal of empowering cancer survivors to enhance quality of life. Thrive offers a comprehensive approach to address the physical, spiritual and emotional challenges of the cancer experience. 

Hall-Perrine Cancer Center is also proud to be a recipient of a LIVESTRONG™ grant and conducts Cancer Transitions – Moving Beyond Treatment several times throughout the year. 

All of the programming provided by Thrive Cancer Fitness and Wellness are FREE and OPEN to any individual with a cancer diagnosis.

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